“Stranger Things”: theories regarding season 4

Stranger Things 4 has been scheduled to be released in 2022, and the whole cast is filming right now. Excited for the new season? Wish you had a glimpse of what to expect from it? In this article you can find some of the most plausible theories concerning the fourth season of Netlix’s Stranger Things.

Warning! This article contains spoilers from the first three season of the show.

Parallel with the Wizard of Oz 


What could possibly link Stranger Things, a 2016 Netflix show about monsters and superpowers, and the Wizard Of Oz, a classic and colorful film from 1939? Well, many fans have spotted some details that may connect the two cinematic worlds. For example, we can see a ‘Wizard Of Oz’ poster in Suzie‘s bedroom while her and Dustin are singing ‘NeverEnding Story‘. Morover, El and Kali stayed in the Rainbow Room in the laboratory, a clear parallel with the famous ‘Over The Rainbow‘, and the Mind Flayer often appears as a storm. Finally, in the teaser of the fourth season pops up the phrase “We’re not in Hawkins anymore”. Could these words be applied to the Mind Flayer’s army, meaning that they get swept away in a world similar to the ‘Wizard Of Oz’?

Papa’s fate

When Dr. Brenner was attacked by a demogorgon in season 1’s finale, we all thought that he was dead. But, as we later descovered in season 2 from Ray Carroll, he’s still alive, hiding somewhere. Furthermore, in season 3’s finale, during the post credit scenes, we see some sort of russian prison. Two guards are walking and one of them is about to open a door, but the other guard says “No, not the American”. At first, everyone thought of Hopper, but the “American” could be Brenner as well. Mattew Modine, who plays Papa, will also be returning for Stranger Things 4, meaning that we’ll definitely see more of him in the future. But what if, during his time in Russia, he becomes a subject of experiments? Some fans think he could be transormed into a sort of demogorgon due to radioactive exposure, creating a new type of enemy.

El‘s powers

In season 3’s finale, we also find out that Eleven has lost her powers. Could it be the Mind Flayer’s fault? In fact, since El’s power are a result of chemical experiments done to her mother, the monster could have been consuming chemicals to alter or destroy Eleven’s powers. But what if it didn’t just make her lose her powers, and it also possessed her? This would make her a very dangerous villain, because of her strong connection to the party and her threatening powers.

Connection to Chernobyl

The fourth season of the show will be set in 1986, the same year as the Chernobyl disaster, clearing the way for a connection to real events. Maybe the nuclear station could be a front for a much more mysterious research regarding the Upside Down, and the explosion could cause the monsters to become radioactive. Since a big part of the story will take place in Russia, it’s likely that this will be an important historical event mentioned in the show.

Hopper’s fate

As we all know by the teaser of the new season, Hopper is alive and well (kind of), hidden in some sort of labour camp in Kamtcatka. But how did he end up there? A strong theory is that, while Joyce closed the gate, he jumped in the Upside Down, where he was then found by russian scientists. Another theory belives that Hopper will be saved by Murray, since he’s the only character that speaks russian and seems the one more inclined to believe he’s being held captive. But there could be another twist concerning beloved Hawkins’ Chief of Police: he could have been tortured and brainwashed by the russians while being held prisoner, coming back to Hawkins as an undercover russian spy.

These were five of the most likely theories regarding Stranger Things 4, but we’ll have to wait for new content to be released to find out more. Meanwhile, what do you think about these suppositions? Do you have some “bitchin” ones of your own? Let us now in the comments!

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