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  • Φάρμακον


    Wouldst thou still love me if I did show thee the hidden darkness dwelling within me? Shall I trust thee and lay bare down with you and for thy love offer myself to you? Thou art as bright as the day golden sphere and something happens ay when you are near: mine icy eyes melt […]

  • Look into your heart

    Look into your heart

    What does it mean to be yourself? Sometimes it looks like such an easy question, but if you think about it, it might appear more difficult than you thought. The question becomes “Who am I?”, and it could be extremely hard to find an answer, as every human being on earth has many characteristics that […]

  • Illusion


    The silence had never screamed so loud Deep, dark, and cold water all around I saw the moon, the stars in the sky Was that reality or just an illusion? Messed up memories, they’re never quiet Locked in a box, hidden in the darkness My shattered reflection in the mirror Collecting sharp shrapnels of my […]

  • Beyond the Immanent

    Beyond the Immanent

    Poesia di carattere astratto di tema metafisico, premiata con Diploma d’Onore al Premio Letterario Milano International 2020.   Beyond the Immanent   I’ve always had the thought That we are much more than Aristotle’s idea Of simple bodies, Attracted to their natural place. There’s some kind of mysticism in us, Like something that cannot be […]

  • Route 66

    Route 66

    Ambientata in un autogrill lungo la famosa Route 66 Americana, la canzone parla di una ragazza che lavora alla stazione di benzina e si innamora di un uomo giovane e di bell’aspetto che passa di lì con la sua macchina sportiva e lussureggiante. Lui è un rubacuori, non è disposto ad avere una relazione seria […]