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  • Strappare lungo i bordi

    Strappare lungo i bordi

    Il 17 novembre 2021, sulla piattaforma streaming di Netflix, appare “Strappare lungo i bordi”, una serie animata del fumettista italiano Zerocalcare. Ad un giorno dalla sua uscita, riesce a conquistare il secondo posto nella classifica settimanale di Netflix dei titoli più visti, per poi raggiungere la prima posizione e occuparla per vari giorni di fila. […]

  • “Stranger Things”: theories regarding season 4

    “Stranger Things”: theories regarding season 4

    Stranger Things 4 has been scheduled to be released in 2022, and the whole cast is filming right now. Excited for the new season? Wish you had a glimpse of what to expect from it? In this article you can find some of the most plausible theories concerning the fourth season of Netlix’s Stranger Things. […]

  • ‘THE SOCIAL DILEMMA’: a review

    ‘THE SOCIAL DILEMMA’: a review

    ‘The social dilemma’, a 2020 Netflix documentary written and directed by Jeff Orlowski, gives an insight into the designing of social media platforms and how these affect mental health, especially regarding young people. The graphs and statistic data shown in the documentary are quite frightening: suicide rates in the US have risen up by 151% […]