Beyond the Immanent

Poesia di carattere astratto di tema metafisico, premiata con Diploma d’Onore al Premio Letterario Milano International 2020.


Beyond the Immanent


I’ve always had the thought

That we are much more than Aristotle’s idea

Of simple bodies,

Attracted to their natural place.

There’s some kind of mysticism in us,

Like something that cannot be explained by scientists.


We’re both terrestrial and celestial,

Ethereal and metaphysical.

We come from Everythingness,

Though we come from Nothingness.

I am me, and you are you,

But you are also me, and I am also you.

Still, we don’t understand it.


We always have the need to use names or labels

To define who we are

And what we are made of.


But are we just a name?

Are we just some attributes?

Are we just matter,

Made of atoms and molecules?

Or are we something more,

Like something undescribable?


The truth is that we just are,

Still we just aren’t. We are constantly changing,

Still we are always the same.

Of course, we cannot understand it.


We are so frightened by the Transcendental

That we aren’t even capable

Of thinking about something abstract

Without calling it someway, or picturing it somehow;

It is just beyond our comprehension and control.

Although, we’re always in touch with it

Because we’re the Transcendental itself. 


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